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Freezing ice cream toppings portions

TracyPark | May 30, 201810:21 AM     10

I enjoy a wide variety of desserts, freezing many of them and then thawing out portions. I've tried a dozen or so recipes for caramel sauce and fudge sauce that I like to have over vanilla ice cream. My current favorites are:

These are gooey, sticky sauces. Yum, but hard to portion them.
1. If I freeze a container with the entire recipe, it takes a lot of muscle and almost bends the metal spoon to dig out a dollop to warm in the microwave. I've tried a wooden spoon, but the stuff sticks to the wood more than it does metal and I end up wasting too much of this precious treat.
2. I tried scooping slightly warm sauce into Ziploc snack bags and then freezing. It is hard to scoop without getting drips on the “Ziploc”, which makes a mess when I try to close them. And even at 0F, the sauce stays sticky and I waste a lot when I try to scrape it or reverse fold and shove it out of the bag.
3. I tried silicone ice cube trays (large cubes), hoping that it had nonstick properties. What a mess.
4. I tried lining the ice cube holes with little squares of parchment paper. They kept shifting, crumpling, and wouldn't stay down inside the holes.

So for now I am sticking to freezing the entire recipe, using muscle, and risking bending the metal spoon. If you've got a more convenient method, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

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