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Freezing Cream, Buttermilk, Yoghurt?

opinionatedchef | Nov 1, 201111:01 PM

For use in baking. I freeze heavy cream all the time, and I have frozen buttermilk as well. Any reason why i couldn't freeze plain yoghurt? Now cream and buttermilk, iirc, sometimes get thin when defrosted. Do you think the viscosity of the dairy matters when baking?(cornbread, cake, biscuits...) And do you think the viscosity would matter with pancake batter (yep, i'm still playing with my multigrain pancake recipe)? I'm thinking it wouldn't matter because when I substitute buttermilk powder for the real thing- it is the powder mixed w/ water and it does not get thick; it stays water- thin.

Also, when i defrost my clamchowder, made w/ heavy cream and clam juice, the base is thinner than when i froze it. Does this happen to you and do you add a little roux or cornstarch before freezing to counter that?
thanks for your help.

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