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Freezing Christmas Cookies?


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Freezing Christmas Cookies?

lisa | Dec 1, 2005 09:45 AM

I was just reading over so many of your delicious, mouth-watering Christmas cookie recipes... I bake 12 different cookies each year (in copious amounts) and have never frozen anything- this means I start three days before Christmas for an alomst around the clock baking marathon and am fit for a traquilizer dart on the last day just when I have to begin preparing the Feast of the Seven Fishes! It's very stressful what with all the other craziness that's going on not to mention a 2 year old these days.

I've never even considered baking in advance and freezing- something about my upbringing I guess- my own mom almost NEVER froze stuff. Everything was always fresh and any leftovers were quickly consumed or given away. We're not freezer people. The one time I tasted holiday cookies at a friend's house that I was told had been baked in advance and frozen (after the fact) I really thought the texture was off.

I'm sure some cookies lend themselves better to a freezing process than others. Any basic rules of thumb? Does any one have any opinions on this?

lisa :)
(who is trying desperately to enjoy the holidays with minimal stress)

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