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Freezer Hoarding


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Freezer Hoarding

mendogurl | Jan 12, 2011 11:34 AM

Just went through my freezer as part of the new year clean up, and I am astonished what is in there.
Seems I can't pass up any Farmers Market butcher/Rancher/Farmer.
There are all sorts of exciting, delicious looking, unlabeled packages of meat, as well as every known cut possible.
How many tubs of lard and duck fat does one need?
Oh look, yet another package of puff pastry from yet another artisan bakery's take out section.

Frozen cut up Farmers Market peaches???? Try a dozen giant bags, and about 20 bags of frozen tomatoes.

The problem is I hoard them, living in fear that I will run out before the next crop, and then lose track of it all.
I have yet to use any frozen peaches, it's January! What am I saving them for, if not the dead of winter??
(note to self: peach crisp, Friday night!!)

How do you other freezer junkies use your freezer?

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