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amy t. | Aug 9, 2005 12:53 PM

I'm not sure if I mentioned this place here on Chowhound but I meant to. I ate there a few weeks ago with some friends. It's a very casual low-key place (as fancy as a Pizza Parlor I'd say) and it serves Glatt Kosher meats so it's something to look forward to...FYI, it also has a strong hashgacha from the Jersey Board of Orthodox Rabbi's.

Well...let me cut to the chase my friends, the service was fine (waiter was a handsome teenage Syrian kid -- ain't they ALL), and the food was I'd say okay, just okay...until WHAMMO...they served us their Chicken Fingers!!! Honey please, they were so out of this world the BEST I've EVER had. ALL of us at the table were speechless! Before you knew it, all of of were in "culinary heaven", invoking the Lord's name...and my friends, it was NOT in vain!! Trust me, this is the last stop on the "S.S. Chicken Finger" search for me!

We just ate those things until the plate was clean!
I looked at the owner and asked him "What the HECK did you do to these to make them so friggin' fabulous" and he told me, it was a combo of "sweet corn flake crumbs and sesame seeds." Now, you must understand that the Sephardic community takes their sesame seeds quite seriously (it's practically a halacha for any Sephardi restaurant owner to use the freshest ones), their sesame seeds that are SO fresh that you can see seed's natural oil still on them.

I highly reccomend that you try the chicken fingers at Freddie's Grill on Norwood Ave in Deal, NJ the next time you're in the Jersey Shore!

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