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Fox Quietly Debuts New Ramsay Show...


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Fox Quietly Debuts New Ramsay Show...

ChinoWayne | Dec 15, 2009 09:18 PM

and it stinks big time. Gordon in a studio "live" teaching celebrities (Leanne Rymes, Cedrick The Entertainer, and some other actress) to cook in front of a studio audience while he does his profanity free pseudo "ad lib" patter, and gags with hidden props, and a kindergarten cooking class; with a wall of monitors of remote shots in home kitchens throughout the U.S., including Whoopi Goldberg, cooking along.

The only thing missing is a studio band.

They cooked a chili pepper and shrimp with spaghetti appetizer, which looked edible, steak diane that looked disgusting and a tirimisu in a martini glass.

Don't waste your time watching this formulaic, fourth rate TV show, it makes Hells Kitchen look like the CIA.

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