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Fourteen ounces is the new pound

janniecooks | May 19, 201212:47 AM

I couldn't help notice yesterday when I purchased a package of puff pastry that it is sold in a 14-ounce package. Most recipes that I can recall that specify pre-made puff pastry generally call for a pound package.

I also needed a pound of Great Northern Beans. The first bag I picked up was the Iberia brand, and as I was examining the beans inside the plastic bag I noticed that the weight was only 14 ounces. That kind of surprised me, as I had always purchased dried beans in 16-ounce bags, as least I always thought I was buying 16-ounce bags. Never paid attention to the net weight before, but now all the dried beans and lentils (Iberia, Goya and store brand) are packaged in 14-ounce packages. No longer one pound bags. Kind of annoying when most recipes that specify a quantity usually call for a pound of beans. In a soup the missing two ounces won't make much difference, but there was a time in my salad days when I might have thought I needed the exact ONE POUND measure and likely would have purchased two bags so I could obtain the missing two ounces. I've noticed the same thing on certain canned goods, where the net weight is an ounce or a couple ounces less than they used to be.

I know there have been other posts on shrinking package sizes, and this is is NOT a rant on rising food prices, evil food producers charging more for less, or food processors trying to fool or somehow take advantage of us poor consumers. But sheesh, I feel like I'm being nickel and dimed to death. Food manufacturers, please cover your increased costs and just charge a bit more, I'll gladly pay the cost for a full found of product. Don't pare away at the quantity in the pacakge, on a unit basis we'd end up paying about the same anyway.

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