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A Foolish [In]consistency is the Hobgoblin of Little Snacks...


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A Foolish [In]consistency is the Hobgoblin of Little Snacks...

sprout | Aug 24, 2005 03:04 PM

Growing up in Massachusetts, one of my favorite snacks was Pepperidge Farm Original Goldfish (not the cheese ones, the ones in the blue bag). They were always so tasty and crispy and wonderful. I was horrified when they stuck faces on them, but I got over it.

However, recently I have noticed that there is a huge range in Goldfish quality between different areas of the country and sometimes even within the same store. Has anyone else noticed this? What would cause this? Where are the highest quality Goldfish to be found?

So far I have determined that Oregon Goldfish are my favorite. They have pointy noses, are a deep brown, and are light and flakey with a good amount of flavor.

Massachusetts Goldfish are also good, though less so. They have good flavor, but are denser, lighter brown, and have stubbier noses.

Idaho Goldfish are an embarrassment to crackers everywhere. They are undercooked, completely flat, very bland, and have many smooshed together. Granted, this was based on a sample of one (1) bag of Goldfish, but still.

Am I the only one Golfish-obsessed enough to have noticed these differences? I only wished that I had thought to buy a bag of Goldfish in every state I drove through on a recent roadtrip. Next time, for sure...

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