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Is Whole Foods hypocritical ? or merely inconsistent ?

Bigtigger | Apr 10, 2008 07:51 PM

In common with much of what I read on this Board, I like a lot of things about Whole Foods -except the prices !

HOWEVER, what really bugs me - and I wonder what others feel about this - is their refusal to sell Diet Coke (or for that matter, I suppose regular Coke !)

Diet soft drinks have provided for me, as for many who struggle with their weight, a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a liquid refreshment whose slight astringency pairs well with most foods, while adding no calories to our consumption.

Whole Foods contains counter after counter of - fat-filled cheeses, sugar-laden pulled pork, fat-laced beef, cream soups, caloric pastries, pizzas with lots of cheese and meat, etc.... All delicious to be sure - maybe indeed made with "natural" products or raised by whatever organic dictates are in vogue, but by no stretch of the imagination are they "healthy."

Liquid-wise, they offer sucrose-heavy "all natural" beverages, chocolate milk made with 4% milk as opposed to the usual 2% and so forth. All good too !

So in the big scheme of things, one wonders why Diet Coke and its cousins can't be allowed into the mix. I find it intensely annoying to have to stop at a second store to buy what for me, as for many others, is our liquid of choice.

Comments ?

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