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Whole Foods beef claims


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Whole Foods beef claims

Dbird | Jun 8, 2004 11:31 PM

Two butchers at the Third Street-LA Whole Foods swore up and down to me the other day that all their beef, both cuts labelled 'natural' and 'New Zealand', was grass fed. I thought this odd since the signs that advertised the meat to be hormone and antibiotic free etc made no mention of grass feeding. When pressed, the two averred that they were sure the beef was grass fed but couldn't be positive that it was grass finished! I suggested this was an improbability but they insisted-- which nearly drove me to chicken. Does anyone know Whole Foods' policy? Do stores differ? I had actually had a conversation about WF with some one at Prather Ranch in SF at one point and gathered that they were trying to work something out for distribution but that WF wasn't ready to commit to grass-fed. That also seemed odd to me as grass feeding is pretty mainstream. Even Bristol Farms (which I don't otherwise like) carries beef they label grass fed. Does anyone know the (or a) story?

Btw, I am not exclusively interested in grass-fed meat (although I have had some good experiences and would like it to be available along with other options incl closed-herd organic etc); I am just as concerned about having confidence in what I am buying and eating. I think this is something for which WF charges--and I am willing to pay-- a premium.

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