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I'm a Foodie, But You're Still My Friend


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I'm a Foodie, But You're Still My Friend

rockycat | Nov 10, 2008 05:48 AM

This weekend my family and another couple were dinner guests at a friend's house. My friends all know that the Spouse and I are foodies but we choose our friends based on who we like, not how they cook. Before dinner I was subjected to an impromptu "Name the Mystery Ingredient" challenge and a series of apologies from the host about the quality of the meal and how he's intimidated by cooking for us. I felt like I was being put on the spot simply for accepting a dinner invitation.

I have NEVER publicly commented on a friend's cooking, other than to compliment it or ask for a recipe. I do not "rate," "review," or give feedback on a meal when I am a guest in someone's home. In other words, we don't give anyone a reason to feel intimidated by having us over. Besides, we're here for the company, not the meal.

Do your non-foodie friends ever do that to you? How do you handle it gracefully? This has happened before - fortunately infrequently - but it always makes me somewhat uncomfortable. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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