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Food at work

ttoommyy | Jan 8, 2013 12:42 PM

Some of you may know me from the post "I Cannot Eat "Strangers'" Food"
in which I divulged a family phobia of not being able to eat at potluck dinners, bake sales, holiday parties at work where people bring in homemade food, etc.

This post is sort of an offshoot/pet peeve. I work for a very large nationally known company at their headquarters in NYC. There are over 100 people just on my floor alone. We occupy almost 10 floors in this building. Today, I walked into our pantry on my floor to find this! (see picture) Really. Is this appetizing at all? It seems whenever there is a meeting of the higher ups and food is catered, the leftovers get left in the pantry for people to "fight" over. I have actually been know to even eat some of this once in a while when it looks good and I know where it is from. But this? The crumbs on the table? Who would put this out and think anyone would want to eat it? And more often than not, this is the kind of stuff that gets left out. You should see a cake after people have been at it! Is there no respect for food anymore?

Or am I just crazy?

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