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Food waste

im_nomad | Oct 20, 2009 08:08 PM

I don't know if it's just me, or because i'm noticing more, but I seem to be running into an awful lot of people lately who seem to be constantly throwing out food, be it cooking a meal and simply tossing anything and everything that is left over, or the types who seem to believe that a yogurt or slice of bread will spontaneously combust at 12am on it's "best before" date, and therefore throw it out on the day, or worse, a couple of days before because it's approaching, sometimes even just because it's sat for a day or two and "no one seems to be eating it".

I've seen this so much lately with a couple of people I work with that throw out perfectly good foods from the staff fridge, or foods of their own for these reasons. I no longer bring in food because i'm known to eat a yogurt past it's date, or freeze items on the expiry date to extend and eat after defrosting. Bread really doesn't bother me at all if it's not moldy or stale, but people toss it away even when it's not theirs, as if it's going to bite them or take over the kitchen if they don't take action. Gallons of milk have gone down the drain there.

I seem to have encountered a few people lately that don't "do" leftovers and will simply open the trash can and throw loads of perfectly good food away immediately after a meal. Freezing soups and such is foreign to some. Oddly, some of these have been in my parent's age group, who never seem to throw anything out

I agree that there is no point eating foods just to get rid of them either, or taking risks with food, but it I admit this stuff really bothers me and I find it so incredibly wasteful to be tossing such volumes of food.

What gives ? Why are people so scared of their food ?

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