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Marty L. | Nov 11, 2010 06:09 AM

Thought it might be helpful to revive a catch-all thread for the ever-burgeoning food truck scene.

I've now tried several of them -- not the dessert trucks, which probably deserve their own thread -- and unfortunately, my general, preliminary impression is . . . don't believe the hype.

That's not to say that they're not a very welcome development -- just that I haven't found one yet that's worth more than a five-or-so-minute wait. If you're able to walk right up and place your order, then there are certainly decent lunches to be found -- such as the beef or tofu tacos at Takorean; the beef bulgogi from the Yellow Truck; and a special roast pork and mango chutney sandwich that Floridana offered one day. And of course the lobster roll is a very good rendition . . . but not even close to being worth the hour-long wait. That's my primary point -- that I haven't found anything yet that would draw me if I were out among the splendors of affordable lunches in Rockville or NoVa -- and thus nothing that's obviously worth standing in line for. The problem, of course, is that the brick-and-mortar offerings for lunch in downtown DC are so mediocre and overpriced that braving the lines at these trucks seems almost justified.

Eventually, we'll have trucks or carts offering unique and scrumptious lunches worth obsessing over -- such as the "special white sauce" halal cart (53d and 6th Ave.) and the dosa cart (Washington Sq. Park) in Manhattan. (At which point, of course, the lines will be two hours long!) Until that day comes, however, my tentative and reluctant advice is to hit the D.C. trucks only when the lines aren't so long.

Of course, I haven't tried everything they offer, and would love to be proven wrong. Am I missing anything that's worth the wait?

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