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food in Stanwood, WA: Leatherheads

jenn | Feb 25, 2010 12:11 PM

We spent a lovely weekend in Cama Beach, alternating between hanging out and looking for glass floats but pretty much always outside. Mostly we packed in our food but by the time we left on Sunday, the cupboard was bare and the monsters were starving.

So I figured we'd hit the Duck In Burger place on the way back to Seattle and thats what I told the starving pups.

Imagine my dread when the Duck turned out to be closed on Sundays. Whoops!

Thinking quickly, I pulled up to the Snow Goose Festival and ran inside in hopes of finding someone to make a recommendation before my starving pups tore each other to bits. A very kind lady at Friends of Camano Island suggested a place called "Leatherheads" which was located walking distance away and which served sandwiches. We headed over right away.

What we found was an old fire station converted into a restaurant pub-ish sort of place. The name "Leatherheads" is dervived from a nickname given to firemen back when they wore leather helmets or so said the explanation on the menu.

As we were told, Leatherheads is a sandwichy sort of place with various sandwiches and burgers. We ordered one burger with guacamole and bacon, one chili burger and one chili dog. Oh and a plate of fries. All of the orders came with a choice of salad or fries. We went for 2 fries and one salad. No beers --its sad to be the driver with 3 pups in the car---though there was an ample selection of microbrews as well as local wines.

At one point a crisis arose because they weren't sure they had enough chili for both orders. Elder pup agreed to an alternative burger but later our waiter came back and announced the crisis was averted. I was sorry to hear that because the other burger sounded pretty darn good.

When our orders arrived, the fries were tasty thick steak cut variety and the portions were considerable including the chili on the two orders. Both the chili burger and the hotdog proved to be a knife and fork kind of thing instead of something you pick up with your hands. And there was enough chili on the dog to scrap off some and use it to top the fries. The chili was not particularly spicy but then again my standard is sichuan so maybe it was. Still it was tasty and there were no complaints.

Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised by the side salad which was an ample bowl of romaine. I got a taste of the guac burger --- the bacon was the thick cut and quite tasty. Another plus to my mind is that both burgers were cooked the way we wanted--rare to medium rare. In my experience, it can be hard to get a restaurant to cook meat that way, even if you request it and accept full responsibility.

In the end, we had fries to pack up because no one could finish them. Still, the menu board mentioned homemade walnut pie and, having never tried walnut pie, I couldn't resist. We figured we'd order one piece, each take a bite and take some home to the missing parent. That would allow me to finish the coffee I had ordered.

HAH! The pie arrived with a nice smoosh of whipped cream. We had our one bite, looked at each other and said, "well what he doesn't know won't hurt him!" and that was the end of the pie. I never had walnut pie before but honestly, I'd stop just for pie.....mmmmmmm.

For those traveling to/from Camano Island or those parts, we happily recommend the place. Note that they seem to have bands some evenings so it might get loud. And we did see a number of happy Sunday bikers parked outside.

10209 270th st NW
Stanwood, WA
One block to the right of the main drag as you approach Camano Island. Turn right at the last light [i think]. Its in a yellow two story building with red trim.

T-R 11:30 to 9pm
F-S 11:30 to ?
Sunday 11:30 to 7pm.

Even if you don't like burgers, there's always the /Walnut pie.

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