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glecroy | Dec 1, 201707:34 PM     26

Sorry for the long post but I could use some help. We are going on a Mediterranean cruise in June 2018 and have very little time to see everything once we leave the ship. It will be our first time in Europe. I know, why even go if you can't take time to see the country? But it was an opportunity we might not get again and we won't have to keep hauling our luggage all over Europe. We did add two days at the beginning of the cruise in Barcelona, and two days at the end in Venice. However, in the middle, we have only one day each in Florence, Rome, Naples, and other places like Dubrovnik, Corfu, Kotor, Taormina, Marseille and Monte Carlo. Thinking of having only the equivalent of a day at my office to see the masterpieces of Florence one day and Rome the next, as well as the historical sites in Rome, is quite distressing, but we will need to eat quickly while onshore as well. So I was hoping to get some advice about quick eats near the attractions that are not totally awful. In addition, I am considering not going back to the ship from Florence, to pick up a few extra hours there in late afternoon at one of the galleries, then take the 1.5 hour train to Rome, spend the night there in order to be able to make the before hours Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel tour. We would also get to eat a real meal in Italy in either Florence or Rome if we do that. At the end of the cruise, we have 3 days in Venice, and I think we will probably do the after hours tour of St. Mark's the first day. I was toying with the idea of taking either a day trip or an overnight trip to Ferraro or Modena (or both) for some food and smaller town experiences and was looking for advice on that as well. We haven't booked hotels, restaurants or tours yet, so would appreciate any help on any of those subjects as well. I have looked at WalksofItaly and CityTours, as they seem to have the best option of before and after hours tours. I have looked at some of the recommendations but am not sure they are appropriate in terms of time we will have, other than if we go to Modena and eat at Franceschetta 58, and maybe Alle Testiere in Venice. I haven't spent as much time on Venice as I should yet, not knowing if we are going to Modena or Murano, or staying in Venice the entire time. We are going with friends and are not sure exactly what they want to do yet, for example skipping the cruise to stay in Rome. I think that's the best plan to have a chance to see more of Florence and Rome. Thank you for any assistance!! Gail

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