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Food to send to a family with a new baby?


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Food to send to a family with a new baby?

Nicole | Aug 2, 2011 08:55 AM

My friend across the country is having a baby. When I gave birth she sent me Omaha Steaks meals, which I greatly appreciated because a high protein meal was hard to come by with a brand new baby. Now she is giving birth and I want to return the favor. I would like to do something different from Omaha Steaks, but nothing comes to mind. All I could think of was Harry & David, but they just have fruit and nuts. I would like to send whole meals, preferably something fairly nutritious. I don't have time to cook myself. Any ideas for national companies that I can order food from? Cannot involve much preparation, and can't be obscenely expensive. In short, something along the lines of Omaha Steaks that is not Omaha Steaks,

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