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Food Safety - I'd love to see it have its own board

c oliver | Sep 23, 201305:35 AM

I totally understand that there are people who are really concerned about food safety. And that's totally valid. For them. But when a thread that's NOT related to FS starts going in that direction, I always give a big sigh. Currently there's a thread about healthy recipes for a slowcooker that can go all day while OP is at work. Not healthy from a food safety standpoint (since he refers to the American Heart Assn. I'm making that assumption!) but healthy ingredients. Someone brought up the food safety issue from the standpoint of getting the food up to a certain temp quickly and maintaining that temp. Valid. But not, IMO, pertinent to the OP's thread. In a case like this, and I'm not picking on the poster, it's just the one I saw this morning, I can see someone starting a thread on a Food Safety board regarding the use of slow cookers.

I'm one of those people who NEVER gets sick from anything (drink tap water all over the world!) and clearly lives in a "magic house" so when a thread goes there I generally check out. Perhaps I'm alone in this. Any thoughts?

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