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"That" food photography on food blogs

guilty | Nov 9, 201107:36 PM

You know what I'm talking about. Wildly exaggerated depth of focus--the back of a cookie is out of focus, but we can see that front chocolate chip in all its melted, glistening, pornographic glory. You can almost smell the fresh loaf of bread on the table, with a piece cut off and just lying there, crumbs scattered; just like real life. The condensation on the side of that martini promises to drip down your hand as you unwind from your day and loosen your inhibitions. There's uniform, natural-seeming white light coming from somewhere. Undoubtedly a window looking out on a picturesque late spring/early autumn/crisp winter day.

At first it was refreshing; no more weird off colors or foods that looked like a middle-school home ec project gone awry. But some time ago I hit the wall. Hard. I enjoy food porn as much as the next chowhound, and probably more, but please: Give me variety. They don't all have to look just like an echo of Jayne Mansfield. If you get my drift.

Am I the only one who's tired of "that" perfect food photography? Chances are, I'm looking for a recipe, and I want to see what the food looks like, not a fantasy of what the perfect version of that food should look like. Or, if you're truly a good photographer, show me something interesting. Something I can't see on a thousand other food blogs.

Right now my favorite food photographer is Luxirare (despite the fact that she does mostly fashion and is a professional photographer, so maybe doesn't qualify): http://luxirare.com/scented-almond-milk/

Overwrought? Definitely. Pretentious? Probably. Unique? Completely. As far as I care, anyway.

Otherwise I'm pretty happy with http://cookingforassholes.blogspot.com/ . No, the photogrpahy isn't great. It's just pictures of the food. Thank goodness.

Any other suggestions? Commiseration? Scolding? Let me have it.

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