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Food options at your workplace?


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Food options at your workplace?

hypertomatoes | Nov 26, 2008 09:31 AM

Just curious, as my building of over 600 people has a full-service cafeteria. They do 2-3 hot breakfast options, and for lunch is normally 4-5 hot entrees and a number of sandwiches, soups and random other stuff. We also have a decent salad bar.

I think entrees are normally $5.99, including two sides. Sandwiches plus chips and a drink is normally $4.99 or so.

I'm a dedicated brown-bagger and have never actually had the hot lunch here, but occasionally will get a salad...or dessert & a cuppa...or a bagel in the morning. Some people eat breakfast & lunch here every day.

It's a good thing we have a caf, as our surrounding area has very few other eateries except for a handful of crappy chains.

It's a far cry from my last workplace. We had a sole vending machine, a dirty microwave and a fridge that people stole others' lunches from! We also had one of those nasty catering trucks that came around. We called it the Roach Coach :)

What do you folks have or do for eats at work? Any interesting eateries around your office? A cafeteria? Catering services? Bring leftovers? Nothing at all?

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