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Rachel Perlow | Sep 17, 1999 11:44 AM

A disussion in a thread on Tiramisu inspired me to
email TVFN to ask them to archive their recipes. I
doubt my single request will get their attention, but
if everyone else who is interested in this happening
would send them a note, I'm sure they'd have to
respond. The link to the "send comments" area on
their website is below. Here is the note I sent to

"Could you please archive the recipes? I
understand that there are too many recipes to keep
associated with each show for a long term basis, but
perhaps an archive just listing all the recipes,
searchable by name, show and main ingredients would be
possible. Many other sites do this sort of thing, and
the files aren't too large because they are usually in
a simple text format. A food related site I frequent
( prohibits the posting of copyrighted
material, suggesting people post links to the
recipes/articles instead. This works for most things,
except the Food Network. As you do not keep recipes
online for more than two weeks, any link becomes
rapidly outdated.
Thank you for your attention, Rachel Perlow"


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