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food network pie contest cherry-raspberry pie... with butter powder in the crust

megan | Mar 14, 200505:20 PM

So I *finally* got around to making this pies last weekend. it was the "national pie contest" winner from a show on the food network a few weekends ago. Here is the recipe.


I was intrigued because i've never made cherry-raspberry pie. which I have to say is a nice flavor & texture combination. but the recipe also has "butter powder" in the crust. so while slightly frightened by the prospect of butter powder. I went ahead and bought (found some "butter buds" at whole foods of all places) some and gave it a try.

let me start by saying that from the start I realized there was going to be way too much sugar in this pie. it calls for 1 1/4 cup... so I cut a 1/4 cup out right away, despite the fact that I almost always perpare new recipes verbatim before I start tweeking. I really think I could cut at least another 1/4 cup out... I like my cherry pie on the tart side. after tasting the pie, I am also thinking of adding a little orange zest and vanilla.. or maybe a squeese of lemon to give it a little more zing.

all in all the filling is good. I used a jar of cherries from tj's. and a bag of their frozen raspberries. I ended up with too much liquid in the pie and had to drain it a little. the filling set up nicely, not goopy, just juicy and good without running all over the plate. I think with a more tart pie it would be good with ice cream... as is, maybe just some barely sweetened whipping cream. the crust baked up fairly flaky and browned nicely. although it definitely has some kind of weird , artificial aftertaste. I have to blame the butter buds on this. I think next time I might try a real butter crust. frankly this stuff didn't taste any better than pre-made store bought crust.

anyway... I remember my grandmother making better pie than this, makes me wonder about the competition at the contest... but with tweeking and a better crust I think this pie might end up being a keeper.

has anyone else tried this pie? if you want some butter buds, let me know... I've got extra, I'd be happy to unload them... they come in a box of 8, 2 tablespoon packets... I'm not planning on using them between now and the next ice age... although I think they'll still be good by then. I'm surprised there wasn't a half life on the label.


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