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Non-food lover intimidated by 'hound...


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Non-food lover intimidated by 'hound...

HungryRubia | Nov 25, 2008 01:25 PM

Sounds like a newspaper headline...
There is another thread here about us 'hounders and how we deal with "fuelists" and other people not passionate about food.
I recently started dating a man whose palate is somewhat limited but he is very willing to try new things so that's good.

However, he seems a little intimidated by my love of food and is afraid of feeding me anything in his house lest I think it not good enough. I quickly put his fears to rest and explained that I am NOT a food snob. Although I do enjoy fine dining...A LOT...I do not limit myself to that.
Last week I proved it by letting him choose a restaurant for dinner. I told him to just choose and not tell me. He took me this really old-school Italian red-sauce joint in Elizabeth, NJ called Spirito' since 1932, same decor and probably same staff. We had the most delicious, delicate fluffy ravioli ever with a wonderful old school sauce. He was SO please that I liked the place..he was nervous that it wasn't fancy enough for me; but I think that my reaction to the food convinced him once and for all that I am not a snob...just a person who likes good food.
Like a true hound, I love little hole in the wall, ethnic neighborhood places that serve excellent food. I also love diners (I'm from's a requirement), and I love pizza and normal stuff like that.
So has anyone else had this problem? Do your non 'hound friends/partners get intimidated by your love of food? Are they afraid to suggest places or even cook for you?
Please share!

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