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Food History -- old stuff that people think is new


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Food History -- old stuff that people think is new

Sandy | Jun 2, 2003 08:55 AM

Two recent postings about the "origins" of foods have made me curious -- one, on fried sweet potatoes, and the other on bacon-wrapped hot dogs. In both of the threads, the preponderance of responses seem to think that these are of recent origin, say the '80's or '90's. I am 71, and I remember fried sweet potatoes from when I was a child and bacon-wrapped hot dogs at least from the time I was in my teens. I'm from South Carolina, so clearly the latter cannot be only of Latino origin (as indicated in one of the postings), although perhaps the method of selling them in California may be. It seems to me that there may be a whole lot of jumping to conclusions when it comes to food origins.

I wonder just how many other "new" dishes or foods do the older hounds remember as being a lot older than the younger hounds think.

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