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grocerytrekker | Feb 11, 201106:18 PM     324

I have been creating food haiku from Japanese original versions (mostly ancient). Here are a few samples, and I need your help in deciding which ones you like best, to get a better idea of the direction this project should take. I started out with fish. Lots and lots of fish. Did fruit. Did a LOT of beans. I am doing vegetables at the moment. I really like the results. Hope you do, too, and any helpful advice will be appreciated.

Libidinous gods / Multitudinous seed pods / Pistachio nuts

Angry sea urchin / Jet black spine needles erect / Stands from where it sat

"I'll see you later" / I say to my ramen pork / Let it sink for now

Five-ray yellowtail / I was watching them rise up / There hangs a rainbow

Wife primps our dinner / As if it is haute cuisine / A whiff of yuzu

Poor shiitake / Tofu takes the credit for / The mushroom flavor

His arms cradling / Honey mushroom bushelful / Father returns home

Smell of dengaku / Unshaven komuso monk / Slips off to the side

Kenchinjiru soup / Konnyaku jelly pieces / Cooking of my mom

An arctic surf clam / Color of a young lady / After it is grilled
Thinning of ice fish / Surely can't be construed as / Dewdrops of the moon

Kuruma ebi / When you brush off wood shavings / They do spring to life

Is the spring fountain / Sadness of navy blue crab / I am wondering

For a jellyfish / That cannot ride the ebb tide / Dizziness galore

Oh, and there are pictures that accompany the poetry:

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