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Food as Fuel for an all-nighter driving.

meatn3 | Sep 16, 201111:55 AM

I have found enough wisdom with age to know that I am officially too old to pull this off easily anymore!
However, once in a while it happens...

I try to eat light meals so I won't get groggy.

Foods which seem to revive and increase alertness and energy for me are sweets. The sugars kick in faster than caffeine in this situation.

My standby is a trail mix from Trader Joe's which has nuts, dried fruit, butterscotch chips and chocolate wafer chips. Tastes great and really gives me a second wind fast.

Last night I dug into the box of Ikea cinnamon rolls my SO had requested I bring home. It did the trick and I dragged in at 4 a.m.

What do you count on?

Note: I'm most interested in foods as opposed to beverages.

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