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Food, anyone? Fresh OJ


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Food, anyone? Fresh OJ

andy huse | Feb 28, 2002 01:01 PM

Non-stick pans may be important and fascinating, but you can't eat em. Must be a lot of new hounds around, 'cause I'm having some trouble finding recent food posts on this board.

Anybody have any fresh OJ lately. I live in Fla, and you can't find it here. Most people wouldn't even like fresh OJ if they tried it: there's pulp and the natural sourness of oranges. Even this "not from concentrate" stuff is all processed and pasteurized.

God forbid anyone like the real thing, the juice companies wouldn't know how to do without all that lousy machinery.

Is there any decent juice out there? Yes!

I had a could screwdrivers at a friend's a couple months ago, and i couldn't believe my taste buds!

"What the hell is in this?" I asked.

"Fresh OJ," came the reply. "We squeezed it ourselves fresh off the tree.

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