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Food feast in Hong Kong

FourSeasons | Dec 30, 200710:51 PM

Just came back from a 1 week visit to Hong Kong. I am a regular visitor there but still can't stop myself trying great food or looking for new discoveries in this island. Just one of my favorite culinary cities. Ate too much this time and I guess I need to control my budget and diet for the next 3 months.

First stop is dinner at Sheung Hing Chiu Chow at Sheung Wan. I think this restaurant has been opened 30-40 years; the interior and exterior are really run down even though visited by the local top politicians and tycoons. There were 12 of us for this dinner and we were ready to splurge. Ordered braised sharkfin soup, which I thought is the best I had for a long time and not inferior to the famous Foo Lam Moon. (maybe not a fair comparison as the one I had in Foo Lam Moon was almost a decade ago) Next came steamed Lau Pin (a type of conch from China), just one small piece for each of us. Then the Chiu Chow cold crab, which is very fresh and succulent. Now the above 3 dishes are very expensive so don't try them if you are not ready to splurge. Then came the goose chiu chow style, a standard dish in this cuisine. Oysters Omelette is very good too. The captain also recommended 2 dishes: one is their cold lobster with sweet sauce(???) which he claimed not able to be duplicated in any other place and a steamed fish 三刀魚. This is the first time I tried both dishes but lack the "wow" effect as the above dishes. We ended with a type of noodle 雙面麵 (maybe someone can correct if I am wrong as I am not 100% sure if the name is correct) that you place some vinegar and sugar.

Next is 富聲魚翅海鮮酒家 Fu Sing at 1/F Sunshine Plaza at Lockhart Rd. (To s0memale: the waiter confirmed to me that the ex chef from Victoria Harbor opened this restaurant and now is the boss and chef as well) Dim Sum received rave reviews but I came for the dinner and ordered my old favorite signature dish from Victoria Harbour: Flower crab on Hua Tiao wine sauce. It is done exactly the same way: superb and delicious. The Hua Tiao sauce is later used to cook up the noodle 伊麵. Just fantastic; I would come to this place for just this dish itself. Another recommedation is its crab roe Xiao Long Bao, which you can order on per piece basis (HK$25 per piece). Excellent, much better than the XLB from Ding Tai Fong Singapore branch. Also another recommendation is the Shrimp paste lettuce on the pot (this is the literal translation, the name on the English menu maybe different).

We also went to the Hunan Garden at Exchange Square Central. Mainland Chinese find it not authentic enough as it caters to the Hong Kong Cantonese taste. Lunch is full of office crowd from the financial sector due to its location. I like 2 dishes here but I don't know the English names on the menu and can't write the Chinese words. One is very spicy chicken full of chilli paste, one of their signature dishes. Avoid it unless you love spicy food. Another is the lamp leg. I basically come here for these 2 dishes.

Went to Man Ho at JW Marriott since the roost goose is so highly recommended by CharlesYu. Went for lunch and was surprised the roost goose was not even in the menu. So I checked with the waiter and was happy to hear that it is available upon our ordering. The roost goose taste very good but I find it a bit too greasy. We ordered some Dim Sum as well. Overall, a decent lunch but not spectacular.

Also went to Kau Kee near Wellington Street to try the famous beef noodle shop. Went there at noon and realized it does not open until 12:30pm. The queue line started at 12:05pm and we had to stand on line for the next 25 minutes. It was completely full the minute the shop opened but I was real disappointed with this meal. I don't know why it gets so much rave reviews with such a long queue line outside of the shop. I mean it is decent but certainly not so outstanding that I am willing to stand on the queue for such a long time. I doubt if I will visit here again.

Had a fine dining experience at L'atelier Robuchon. Enjoyed it very much. I ordered the sea urchin with jelly top, ravioli with Maine lobster, steak tatare, oysters (a Japanese type but bred in Alaska) and lamp cutlet as main dish. End with chocalate cake with chestnut cream. All were very good. But I do agree with others that the Robuchon in Macau offers better value.

Again, my friends treated me at Da Domenico, which I wrote it on earlier thread. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/453986 Surprised that nobody in chowhound has yet tried this wonderful small restaurant. Unfortunately this time, we went just right after Christmas holiday and many of its seafood are not available, but still had a good dinner, tried its artichoke salad, and linguine scampi.

Wanted to try Hu Dong since it gets so much review on Chowhound but was surprised not able to get dinner reservation even though I tried to book it at 11am. Will try on next trip then. But I was surprised that none of my native Hong Kong friends had tried this place before, so I am wondering if it just caters for tourists and expatriates market.

This wrap up my food feast on this trip.

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