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Food you eat in the privacy of your own home? (WARNING: Potentially disgusting, feel free to not open if you are squeamish)

moh | Apr 16, 200809:06 AM


This thread talks about the etiquette surrounding disposal of an olive pit. It got me thinking about food that I eat only in the privacy of my own home, because I the way I eat it would be frowned upon in a public setting. For example:

<"This makes me really curious how some of the posters who try to be really subtle eat seeded grapes, watermelon"

Very good point Vorpal. I don't disagree with your point of view. Still, it is nice to be informed by others about what might be standard practice. Just opens up my little bitty eyes to the world out there.

I must say, I'd be very interested in the seeded grapes thing. I really love the large Muscat grapes with the seeds, they are soooo delicious! But I'll rarely put them out in public because of the issue of the pits. Instead, I'll eat them in the privacy of my own kitchen, like a little sloppy rodent. Same with crabs. I love to eat every last morsel of meat. I'll rip apart claws, knuckles, body, and leave it spotless. So I'll never order it in a restaurant. Hmm, should I start a thread on General Chowhounding topics? Food you eat in hiding?>

So, I'll have to add lobster to the list (again, I eat every last morsel) and meat with bones (I love cartilage, marrow, gristly bits and gnawing the meat off the bone). Fresh lychees, pomegranates, fresh whole mango, any fruit that requires peeling and ripping and dripping juices all over my hands and face must also be included. If I never had to use a utensil again, I could manage.

Heck, how about Oreos? It can't be polite to rip them apart and peel away the white stuff? At least, it would likely be frowned upon if you are over 20 years old.

Or how about (and I admit this is really gross) Saltines? When I was younger, I recall chewing a bunch of them up, them making a little ball out of the pulp, then eating the ball. Hmmm, I have some in the cupboard... Rodent tendencies coming through....

SO: Time to fess up! What do you eat in the privacy of your own home, knowing that the way you eat it or the substance itself might be considered disgusting or odd?

(BTW I apologize if this has already been done. I tried to do a search, but nothing obvious came up. That being said, I am a bit of a luddite when it comes to web technology)

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