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Food aversion - ALL in our heads?


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Food aversion - ALL in our heads?

montrealeater | Apr 28, 2013 04:46 PM

I have a question. Are all food aversions psychological? I just discussed this with a friend who insisted that they all were.

Are they? All? Is it possible to simply dislike a food without a past negative experience associated with it (my friend was assuming that 'psychological' = bad past experience is causing you to dislike the food, not some inherent quality of the food)?

And what about infant food rejection? What past experience has a 6 month old had to make her spit out carrots? And cultural aversions? How can a baby or a person who has never eaten food X be repelled by it based on some past event?

I reject the idea that it's all in our heads (some instances of it, yes, obviously) - am I wrong?

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