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Need help with food amounts for 100! - moved from General Chowounding board


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Need help with food amounts for 100! - moved from General Chowounding board

SAHCook | Mar 14, 2012 03:30 PM

I need help! A new friend is getting married Sunday, and I offered to help with the food. This is a short-notice, very casual affair. She is baking the wedding cake, a Russian honey cake, so I don't have to worry about that. The reception is technically a potluck buffet reception, but only two people have volunteered a dish. No problem - I don't mind providing most of it, I just want to be sure everyone will be fed!

I have plans all day Saturday (hubby will bbq the pork that day and make sauces), so the food has to be easy to make ahead. Limited fridge and oven space & no stove at reception site, so most of it should be ok at room temp. or served directly out of the fridge.

Expecting 75 - 100, maybe 40% kids ...

Here's what we have:
~ pulled pork sandwiches (we're planning to bbq 60 lbs. boneless shoulder - we're VERY happy to freeze leftovers!)
~ kaiser rolls (from a grocery bakery; they're pre-sliced and I plan to cut some in 1/2 for kids) - 10-11 doz?
~ vinegar-based slaw (for sandwiches) - 2 gal?
~ sauces (a selection of three that hubby will make)
~ black bean salad - 1-2 gal?
~ roasted poblano & corn salad w/ queso anejo - 1-2 gal?
~ baby kale salad with dried cherries and gouda - 16 c?
* someone is providing a strawberry/almond salad, most likely just a large bowl
* someone is providing a veggie platter, not sure of the size
* someone is waiting to see what is provided, may bring a large pasta salad
~ baked macaroni & cheese - 4, 9x13 trays?
~ fruit skewers, served on a bed of small grape clusters - 100 skewers?, 10# grapes?

I'm hesitant to provide cole slaw or potato salad because I think someone may just show up with those.

Thoughts?? I welcome menu changes, only if they keep things easy on me! :)

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