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With and without food.

budnball | May 5, 201211:09 AM

I have been drinking wines outside my usual Ca. comfort zone and have come up to another issue. I have been eating at several "French Bistro" type restaurants and drinking only French wines. I had a CN--P with a steak frites meal last night. The wine was fine with the meal but I could not say what it tasted like. I mean if I was to make tasting notes, I'm not sure I could. The wine was full bodied, but after the first bite of food, the wine becomes almost invisible on the palate. It is easy to drink but hard to discern the flavour. It seems to me that when drinking wine with dinner or food, unless the wine clashes strongly, the flavour mutates into a "drinkable sauce" that blends into the food but loses its individuality.

I begin to understand the criticism of California fruit as not so food friendly, as they seem to stand apart from food, but few people will crack open a CnP for a lazy, kick your feet up, weekend quaff.

My question is, how to determine if a wine is food friendly or just for drinking? And besides sparklers, which do you think are really both?

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