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Fondue Feast (longish)


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Fondue Feast (longish)

andy huse | Jul 6, 2001 04:41 PM

I was just thinking about a party I had about a year ago. I decided to have a feast that consisted of several courses of fondue. It proved so popular with my friends that i'm thinking of doing another soon. Please share any great fondue recipes and accompaniments you may have. The way the three courses were set up saved our appetite for each successive course. I would oofer the recipes here, but i only made the 1st course, which i improvised. By the way, if you ask other people to make the other courses, it becomes a very easy party to manage. Very little labor involved, especially when using crock pots, etc.

Three fondue courses over four hours.

1st course: fondue beef broth with burgundy wine and garlic. served with veggies like squash, carrots, broccoli, etc. I used a fryer/crock pot, so was able to place veggies in basket and dip them in in large batches. After simmering a minute or two, the basket wqas lifted and everyone took what they wanted. No bread with first course--- too filling. The basket saved everyone from huddling around the pot getting steamed.

2nd course: gouda and beer fondue with pumpernickel bread, corn tortillas, and vegs. We ususally just poured some fondue onto our plates and used it as a dip. wonderful fondue, but use plain beer unless you have lots of time. It takes time for stronger beers to cook out (or in?)

3rd and final course: dark chocolate, crushed pecan, caramel and burning rum fondue with angel food cake, strawberries, bananas, etc. Great stuff, not much caramel, lots of burning 151 rum added. great flavor.

Our fondue feast seemed more like an orgy by the time it was over. wonderful and tasty (and a little messy) without too much guilt.

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