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followup to how to season cast iron pans


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followup to how to season cast iron pans

bigskulls | May 23, 2002 04:07 PM

My mom asked me to get her a small cast iron pan for her birthday, and finding myself in the hardware store today with an extra $7.95 (plus 8% NYC sales tax) in pocket I decided to oblige. I couldn't just give it to here unseasoned, so I took it upon myself to season it for her.

It's an 8" Lodge pan, which apparently is one of the popular makes of cast iron pans. I have three others, but they are all garage sale specials. The directions on the label said to coat the entire pan with vegetable shortening (Crisco) and then place UPDSIDE DOWN in an oven preheated at 350 degrees for an hour.

I did as instructed, which is unusual for me but since they were so simple and obvious I could hardly refuse.

The results were probably about as I should have expected. I had hoped for a deep brown/black coating across the entire pan. Instead, I got a light brown/tan coating that looks like it needs more seasoning. The coating seemed thin and not very sturdy: I'd be afraid to dig into something stuck in there without disturbing it. In addition, it was a tad uneven, though it hardly matters....

So, I guess what I'll do is keep the pan around and use it when I'm roasting things in the oven and maybe some light saute duty until it gets a little more set. I also might put it back in the oven if the coating feels really weak and about to come off.

So, just a report on my experience FWIW. Any helpful tips will be considered and passed off as my own if successful.....

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