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Flip That Restaurant - Akasha (Culver City) TLC

Midlife | Mar 9, 200805:44 PM

Last night I caught an episode of a restaurant build-out and opening show I hadn't been aware of called Flip That Restaurant (on TLC). Akasha is the 'dream' of LA caterer Akasha Richmond. The show was a full hour exactly like the FLC series Opening Soon. I have a wierd train-wreck-watching sense of interest in this kind of show having built out a number of retail spots and a wine shop in my life.

A bit different was that LA critic Merrill Schindler was a major feature in the last few segments aand he gave his opinions mostly about the physical space and ambience. It looked like this place has just opened in the past few weeks and I found just one review on the LA Board.

I guess the one thing I find so interesting and in common to all these shows is the fact that the spaces are pretty much always looking like a total disaster just hours before their opening party and somehow get it together at the last minute. I know that some of this is caused by local building and health department inspection sign-offs that cause delays and keep things from proceeding as planned, but I just wonder if experienced people here think this is really the typical scenario or does it get amped up for more dramatic TV, or ?????????? There's always a scheduled opening party that is in in danger of disaster. If it's always a last minute race, you'd think they'd give themsleves more breathing room.

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