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Is there really anything that is truly "flavorless"?


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Is there really anything that is truly "flavorless"?

ipsedixit | Sep 8, 2012 10:20 PM

People will say things like, "this dish is flavorless" when in fact it is just not true, and most likely hyperbole.

What they really mean is that the dish lacks flavor, but is not truly without any flavor.

So with that said, is there any thing out there -- either a dish or an ingredient -- that is truly without any flavor whatsoever?

Even something as bland as rice has some flavor to it -- be it a bit nutty, or a tad sweet. Rice, even in it's most neutered and adulterated form as parboiled rice, has some flavor to it (maybe not good flavor, but flavor nonetheless).

And water, that bland liquid from our faucet, certainly cannot be said to be flavorless, right? I, for one, can discern distinct flavor permutations between the tap from different municipalities that I've visited and lived at.

And one of my former bosses swore he could tell the difference between Evian and other bottled waters. When called on it, he passed a blind taste test. So, yes, I guess water is not without flavor.

What say you? Is there anything that is truly flavorless?

Gelatin maybe?

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