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Flaccid lettuce -- Yuck!!


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Flaccid lettuce -- Yuck!!

Fargo | Jul 22, 2004 05:30 PM

Today I was in the car for work all day -- pretty, driving through the Berkshires here in Mass, but tedious none the less. By about 1 I was starting to think about dinner..thinking about a nice Caesar salad with a lower fat dressing recipe I wanted to try and had bought all the ingredients for a couple days ago. Drove by countless farmstands overflowing with gorgeous produce, thinking" Ah, but I have a nice dark green leafy head of romaine in the fridge..." Imagine my disappointment when I finally got home, pulled out the lettuce and it was....limp and floppy like a bad porn movie. I tried everything to revive it -- after all, it wasn't yet black and slimy -- dunked it in ice water, spun dry in a tea towel, back in the fridge to re-crisp etc. I had a moment of elation when it emerged from its restorative refrigeration looking bright and perky, but looks were deceiving. It had no taste and a texture somewhat like damp newspaper -- really unpleasant in the mouth. Was I doomed from the moment I saw it was a little past its prime? Is there a secret lettuce revival trick that restores texture and taste? Have I just learned my lesson about "Use it when you buy it, you idiot!!" one more time?
Now I'm thinking I might jump back in the car and cruise out to the nearest farm stand to restore my faith in produce, but the thought of even one more nanosecond in the car gives me the shivers.
The dressing was great though -- Total fat free yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, anchovies and a little drizzle of EVOO and lots of cracked pepper. A Microplaned tablespoon of parm/reggiano (one Tbs solid, seemingly endless fluffy mounds when grated with the Microplane) seems like an embarrassment of riches on top. Oh well, better luck next time I suppose....

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