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Flabbergasted in Little Saigon! [moved from LA board]


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Flabbergasted in Little Saigon! [moved from LA board]

hch_nguyen | Mar 8, 2007 07:20 PM

Went to Nhu Y in Little Saigon with my family. They are known for their Ca 8 Mon, which is "Fish 8 Ways". This is the fish version of the better known Bo 7 Mon, which is "Beef 7 Ways". The food was at the very best sub-par, but here's the clincher. I was appalled when we were charged $6 for plain ol' white rice when my sister ordered a shrimp stir-fry dish. I know there are places in L.A. proper that do this, but I've never known restaurants in ethnic enclaves outside of L.A to do this, and if it is a trend I am quite aghast. The really sad part is that we didn't even touch any of the white rice since the shrimp dish was so underwhelmingly mediocre. Somehow, it infuriates me more that it's a Vietnamese place doing this since I'm Vietnamese. I know that might sound odd, but there you have it. Paying for white rice in Vietnam would be downright laughable. This is tantamount to paying for ketchup at McDonald's or salsa at a Mexican place. I won't ever go back there just based on the quality of the food, but the charge for white rice is borderline criminal in my mind. Down with this trend, if indeed it is one, and down with Nhu Y for their nerve. I hope Little Saigon locals are as offended as I am and help prevent this practice from spreading up and down Bolsa by not patronizing such establishments...

Ironically, Nhu Y translates loosely as "Just as you like it". . . . N O T ! ! ! ! !

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