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Help? how do i fix a too sweet enchilada sauce?


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Help? how do i fix a too sweet enchilada sauce?

Fioreth | Dec 23, 2009 09:13 PM

Hi, i've read a couple of the threads where people here where talking about making enchiladas. My family decided to make some for Christmas to try something different this year. Here's the recipe i used (please note, this recipe was given to my family by a friend from michoacan, i believe it's a family recipe):
7 pasilla chillies
4 garlic cloves
1 Tomato (roasted)
pepper (to taste)
splash of white vinegar
dash of oregano
salt (to taste)
Fresh squeezed orange juice (about half an orange)
Handful of choclate (semisweet)

I boiled the chilies until they where soft, seeded them and took out the stems, then blended them and the garlic cloves using the water i boiled the chilies in. While that was cooking i roasted a tomato on a comal and then added that and a quarter cup of fresh beef stock (i'm making beef enchiladas, no ground, we call the meat desebrada, i dunno what that is in english) to the blender. The whole mix went into the sauce pot and then i added the rest of the ingredients and a bit more beef stock as the sauce was to thick. It was fine without the chocolate, but one of my passenger seat cooks over here decided it had a funny after taste and maybe i should add the chocolate. So i did...and now instead of the decent for a first try sauce i had completed, i have almost mole! I don't want mole enchiladas. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Should i add another roasted tomato? Go to the store and buy 1 more pasilla chile and add it to the mix, more salt maybe? I have some

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