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A fishing, hunting, foraging subforum would be a good addition

bythebay | Apr 19, 201212:10 AM

I'd love to see a subforum here focused on foraging, hunting, and fishing. To me, this is as relevant to the topics on this board as are gardening or grocery shopping for food, all are about obtaining ingredients for cooking and eating. A thread I started on fishing was deleted, I assume because it was deemed not relevant or focused to the site's subject matter, but I think those topics, to me anyway, seem absolutely relevant and I suspect there may be a lot of interest in those topics, but I could definitely be wrong there. Anyway, just my two cents. I know there are probably other sites and/or forums that focus on those topics, but in my view, they'd be great additions to Chowhound. I saw a few new subforums just opened up and thought this might be a good topic for another one.

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