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Fisherman's House, Channel Islands Harbor; Secret Dining Room - Anyone Ever Tried It?


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Fisherman's House, Channel Islands Harbor; Secret Dining Room - Anyone Ever Tried It?

techbod | Aug 1, 2009 06:00 PM

In the downtrodden Channel Islands Harbor, I stumbled today into the "secret" dining room of Fisherman's House. By "secret," I guess I mean that because I don't read or speak or look Korean, I've been able to wander past it dozens of times without ever noticing it. And, i can't seem to find it on Chowhound.

If you walk in the front door, you are in a decrepit food court, packed empty with dozens of forlorn tables and chairs. To your right, a Mexican food counter. To your left, a sushi bar/noodle/non-specific Asian food counter. It's all kind of iffy looking. It's easy to understand why there are few if any customers. This place aspires to mall food court status.

But something "just didn't look right." After some nosing around, and a bit of the "you're not Asian, so we're going to ignore you until you go away" treatment from the staff, I figured it out. This schlocky teriyaki counter has several big tanks full of live fish, Dungeness crabs, and other goodies of the sea. Peering through the kitchen, I could see a tatami room of sorts. Raised white tile slabs with low tables. And, that telltale sign that something Chowish is afoot - well-dressed, wealthy-looking Koreans tucking into a colorful, fresh-looking spread of food.

I needed to know more. What I learned has penetrated my every waking moment since. I need to locate a babysitter, rally 2-3 friends, and go back to experience the "secret" side of Fisherman's House.

As they grudgingly described it, one orders a whole fish. They sashimi the fillets on the spot, and serve the sashimi up with a selection of panchan. Then, they take the rest of the piscine parts and whip up a special soup. You eat this fishy feast in direct view of the Channel Islands Harbor, where boats bob and sway, and the seagulls swiddle of better times in the past and ahead.

The smallest version of the experience runs $50 and serves approx. 2. More people = bigger/additional fish = more $.

My goodness. How good does this sound? Has anyone on here ever tried it? What should I know before I go (tomorrow)?

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