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Fish steaks in pouches - who eats these and why?


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Fish steaks in pouches - who eats these and why?

rworange | May 18, 2006 05:58 PM

I was too through with the tuna steaks, but thought I would try the salmon teriyaki salmon. There isn't junk in there, just salmon, soy sauce, sesame seeds an other things you don't need a science degree to understand.

It is hard to believe, but it is worse than the tuna. It is the same cardboard texture and taste. Well, the taste was like fishy cardboard and not in a good way.

I can understand the appeal ... easy to heat up lunch that can sit in the kitchen cabinet for months. Also good for a diet portion. Salmon - good for you. Sure I'll pay $4 for a piece of salmon about the size of my palm for that convenience ... IF IT TASTES GOOD.

I actually dug the packet out of the trash to double check to see if it was salmon I was eating, because it tasted like the tuna.

Someone must be eating these things because they keep expanding the line. I can marginally understand the salmon due to health benefits. But why would anyone buy bad tasting tuna that also ups your consumption of mercury?

Actually I don't understand fish in pouches period. I like the plain salmon that is similar to canned but doesn't need to be drained. However, they charge three times the price of a can for a single serving. Why is it so much more expensive?

Oysters and clams are BIG mistakes in pouches. They dont get the protection of the can and usually there are pieces that break off or one bag where I got mashed smoked oysters ... ick, ick, ick.


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