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Not quite so fine dining in the South Hills (Pgh)

MrKotter | Aug 29, 201110:12 AM

Over the past few weeks, my wife and I decided to go to a few places that we frequently drive by, but never stop. You win some and lose some...

Saigon 88 -- some how related/connected to Pho Kim with some similar menu items, but S88 does not hold a candle to Pho Kim. The patio is nice but loud with traffic noises. The menu has sushi, some Vietnamese, and some Thai with some interesting looking items. Overall, the food was really not very good at all, except for the sushi. The Unagi was some of the tastiest in the area, and the Hamachi was good. I had a green curry with duck that was overly sweet and not even close enough to being spicy hot. Sounded good but kind of turns my stomach thinking about it....my wife had the House fried rice which was terrible. First off, folks around here have got to learn how to make fried rice, and the name sort of implies what needs to be done with it! This attempt was incredibly flavorless with minute pieces of chicken. At least the Sapporo wasw cold! Will give it another try for sushi, but that's it.

Pazzo (Mt Lebo) -- We thought we'd give it a try to see if they kept the brick oven and we wanted to eat outdoors. We went on a Tuesday night which turns out to be 50% bottles of wine and apps. The nice outdoor patio and the Tuesday specials were about the only positives, other than the service which was very good. The apps list is the typical, 3rd rate, Pittsburgh, Italian restaurant staples, albeit without the chicken wings. The menu looks nice with a variety of pastas, pizzas, and grilled stuff, but the execution definitely lacks. My wife had the baked pasta--loaded with cheese, penne, marinara, and very little taste. The marinara was decent, but the dish just had no distiguishable flavors. I had the Margarita pizza and it was decent at best. This is the first time that I have seen anyone use a brick oven to try and cook a boring, doughy, thick crust. The ingredients were Ok, but how do you mess up buffalo mozz and basil! Disappointing for sure!

South Park Clubhouse -- Been there for beers a few times and it is a great bar with a good beer selection, although a little imagination could make it a better selection. I have to admit that the food exceeded my expectations. I had the ribs, which were good. Fairly tender with a good smoky sauce and plenty of it. I hate places that serve average ribs with very little sauce. My wife had baked cod with a baked potato and it was more than serviceable. The best thing is that this place ain't going to break the bank. Good bar food, great atmosphere, and we'll give it another go.

430 N Main St Ste Rear, Taylor, PA 18517

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