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Fine cookie product


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Fine cookie product

Mrs. Smith | Feb 14, 2003 03:38 PM

At Whole Foods they other day, I was frustrated by the un-delicious bagged (not from the bakery - those are uniformly awesome) cookie products. I had tried several kinds of natural, non-hydrogenated, non-corn-syrup cookies from WF, and had been dissapointed by the dusty, penance-tasting cookies.

And please note -- this is certainly not a health food -- but the Bonne Maman cookies that I bought are a real winner. I carefully read ingredient lists and this one is 27% butter, with cane sugar, leavening, flour, and a couple of baking-soda type ingredients, and that's it. I tried the butter cookie version. There are raspberry and lemon tartlet versions that I've yet to try. Those will be next!

I love butter cookies and shortbread, and of course my favorite is my own homemade recipe. I don't always have time to make them, though, and since I like to bring my lunch to work daily I sometimes need to buy cookies for my mid-afternoon tea break. These Bonne Maman cookies are just the ticket.

They come carefully but not overly packaged in rigid box (not a bag so they become cookie crumbs), with little cellophane bags inside each containing two good-sized cookies. Gotta love this convenience factor.

The cookies have a good butter flavor, and are more browned on the edges than most American butter cookes (like Lorna Doones, for example, which are made with shortening! yech), so they have a more developed taste. I'm very interested to taste how the tartlets are, since the base cookie is really delicious.

They won't replace a homemade cookie or triangle of shortbread, but they sure are a delicious substitute. It's good to know I always have something palatable to throw in my lunch bag.

Reports on the other flavors would be welcome!

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