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Finding the Tea from Lauderee'


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Finding the Tea from Lauderee'

Jet | Jan 21, 2008 12:24 PM

This past summer, we enjoyed eating our way through the dizzying multi-sensorial & gustatorial delights that are Paris. I am now an official FRANCOPHILE! We were smitten with the whole ambience of Lauderee' & particularly loved the tea we ordered & of course the salt caramel macarons . The latter can not be obtained in the U.S., and the ones we've found here don;t come close. They don't import their macarons, but do they import their teas? Looking back at a now love-worn Lauderee' menu, I can't remember which lovely tea of theirs tasted like a floral sip of the garden with both rose & violet petal notes. It was either the "Marie Antoinette", the Lauderee' Melange", or the "Jardin Bleu" listed on that menu that ring a bell. Do they get their teas from the French blender, Mariage Frere?, or do they blend their own tea(s)? That asked, are the teas that I mentioned from Lauderee' at all available in the U.S? If not, is any wonderful facsimile available? I also bought the 2 cookbooks available while there, & they do not divulge this info. Jet

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