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need to find a mug-pot ? like this ( pics )

neurosport | Sep 8, 201107:42 AM

Hi ! i don't know where my grandma found this very strange piece ( see pics ) but she uses it everyday. She is afraid of microwaves and heats up her water on the cooktop in that little guy. I figured i could find something better ( stainless steel or such ) with similar functionality but hard as i tried - i couldn't !

this guy is basically a tea kettle and a mug in one. you can boil your water in it, make your tea in it, and then drink from it - seems fairly logical ! why can't i find anything like it ?

what sets this guy apart from the other mugs is THE COVER - it has one - other mugs dont'. i can get a million different steel mugs but can't find a single one that is covered.

actually i found titanium ones with seemingly identical functionality, except that they are designed for portable ( backpacking ) use so they are made to be very light and compact and feature folding handles ( see pic ) which i certainly don't want.


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