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Finally....an excuse to put in a garden, after 30 years of farm stands

coll | Oct 19, 2011 10:37 AM

When we got married in the 70s, my husband was really into gardening (runs in the family) and we had amazing "square foot" vegetables that were the talk of the town. Since then we never had the right light, plus my job became a 24/7 gig in the summer so I got out of the habit. Now I find myself prematurely "retired" and am so psyched to dig up a nice patch on our acre of yard and get going again this spring.

So refresh my memory please. Should I be starting a compost pile now or is it too late (Long Island NY)? Should I rent a rototiller in the spring or should I hire someone? (Probably will only start with 20 x20 I'm thinking). Home Depot is 3 minutes away. I go to the gym but hear it's pretty rough on your body to do yourself. I'm positive it will be half tomatoes, the rest eggplant, zuccini, lettuce and maybe radish, but always something new and interesting too, any suggestions on must haves? I've always done herbs up on the front porch and will continue to do so, easier when I'm cooking. Should I do from seed the first year or just buy seedlings because there will so much other work involved? Raised beds or ground level? I can't wait til next year to really learn about canning too, so far all I've done is jams and mostardos.

I don't know too many people that have gardens anymore, plenty of farm stands around here but their prices are getting too high with my new status in life. So I come here to you, my Chowpals, in case you have any words of wisdom. TIA!

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