finally building my 1rst kitchen and need help w/ at least BS v Wolf ranges, griddles and vents. 1000000 q's


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finally building my 1rst kitchen and need help w/ at least BS v Wolf ranges, griddles and vents. 1000000 q's

cef | Jun 26, 2011 06:09 PM

long-time renter getting my own place and re-modeling. I am excited and intimidated at the same time.
looking at rangetops, wall ovens and all-in-one freestanding ranges. and vents. I dislike the look of hoods and the sound of loud fans, but I am pretty sold on either a Wolf or Blue Star range or range-top.
I think that means there will be a hood and vent. do we think vent-a-hood is better than the Blue Star and Wolfs? I'm leaning towards the 36" because of the built-in griddle feature. we'll have a grill outside. my obsession with the built in griddle is tied both to my add and hatred of doing dishes. I usually cook for two and tend to scale back on the number of ingredients and the number of steps in our dishes, because it just gets too complicated to use many pans and also to clean them all up after relaxing with a meal. anyhow, I'd love to scrape a griddle instead of deal with pans. the Wolf one looks easy to use and clean. I have never seen the BS griddle in person, but it looks as though it'd be the same. please correct me if I am wrong! of course I need burners. I am curious about the french top. I think I can get griddle, 2 burners and one French top into a 36"? it could be a super-bad idea. what do we think? if so, I'm leaning away from the French top, then, and towards four burners. and griddle. my usability concerns: the griddle looks skinny, but 24" would be silly and I know it's just be reactionary against so many years of renting apartment-sized kitchens. also, I hear the built-in griddles take a long time to heat up/or they don't get hot enough to use. I'm hoping the newest generation is different? also, I am guessing the center griddle plan is to get the venting right without getting a hood larger than the range. still, I am pretty sure I'd burn myself with a griddle between four burners. I'm thinking of a right hand griddle. curious about the Heritage BS line which seems to have a raised griddle and a broiler in the 36". is the height awkward? if I do the 36" (which seems enormous) I will likely get the oven underneath instead of on the wall. stooping will be tougher than a wall, but I do want a wide oven. then, I can use full sized sheets. which will mean that I will also need a giant sink. washing baking sheets doesn't bug me as much as frying pans. without a wall stack, perhaps I could stick a microwave on the wall and possibly a supplemental (more narrow) oven over or under. or a steam oven. I have never used the later. more likely: just the honking range/oven/vent/hood/sink. and call it a day. if I sound super-nuts because I usually just cook for two, consider that when we do have company, it could be upwards of eight. also, when I bake, it's always for more than just us (I'll bring to parties, etc.). but, I know that I need some practical advice from people who have owned appliances before. willing to hear all comers. thank you for your time and help...

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