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Please help finalize CDMX itinerary (researched)!

indiefoodie | Sep 23, 201810:42 AM     9

Hi, a friend and I are planning a trip to Mexico City, Oaxaca and possibly some other place in mid November. We live in NYC so we'd like to concentrate on things that are either not available here or are better in Mexico. Both of us eat everything and the primary (only?) purpose of our trip is food :) There are a few things I'm trying to figure out and I'd appreciate some advice.

1. We have 10 days and I need to figure out how many days to spend in CDMX and Oaxaca. Purely from a no. of places that one should check out to get an idea of the unique offerings in each city, does 6 days in CDMX & 4 in Oaxaca make sense or should I change that? Should I try to squeeze in another city (we're considering Puebla) or will that lead to a very packed schedule?

2. Where to live in CDMX? I'm currently thinking of staying in 'La Condesa'. Our objective is to stay someplace that'll minimize the amount of time we'll need to spend driving around since I've read scary reports about the traffic there.

3. Narrow down places we should eat at in CDMX. We'd like to plan out 2 meals a day and maybe squeeze in some snacks, etc, around them. We need to plan:
- A late night dinner on Thu
- Breakfast/Comida: Fri through Wednesday
- Dinner: Fri through Tuesday

Based on what I've read, I tried to narrow down some places that I think we might like:
- Pujol (Reservations for Friday lunch)
- Quintonil ((Reservations for Tuesday lunch).
- Contramar
- Pasillo de Humio (unless people feel that since we're going t go to Oaxaca, this should not be a priority)
- El Moro
- Tostadas de Coyoacan
- El Turix
- Tacos Los Cocuyos

Places that I'm considering
- El Cardenal for breakfast
- Lalo! for breakfast
- Tostadas de Coyoacan
- Fonda Margarita
- Yuban (again, not sure with Oaxaca being our next stop)
- Raiz
- El Hidalguense for barbacoa
- Dulcería de Celaya
- Taqueria El Greco
- Panadería Rosetta

In addition I looked at a lot of other places mentioned on this board like Maximo Bistrot, Nicos, Azul Historico, El Huequito, El Califa but I feel that in a lot of cases, the reviews were mixed or as in the case of Maximo Bistrot, the dishes discussed didn't seem very Mexican.

What do you all think about the above?

Just looking at the list, it seems like there are a fair no. of restaurants but CDMX is known for it's street food and I believe my list could use some more stellar taco places, tamales, food markets, tortas, etc.

Thank you for your help!

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