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Is Filipino food embarassing?

side dish | Dec 23, 200202:04 PM     112

I have read statistics that Filipinos are the #1 ethnic minority in Seattle, more in number than Chinese even. And yet, just TRY to find a Filipino restaurant! I know of (counting) 6 places - 3 of which have the same owner. So, basically, 4 restaurants, and 2 "branches".

In contrast, I *think* Seattle has more than 6 Chinese restaurants. Just my gut instinct. Hell, Seattle has more TURKISH or GERMAN restaurants, and there aren't nearly as many of those ethnicities around.

I find the situation similar in most major cities, including Honolulu, with its 28% Filipino population. What's the deal? I love Filipino food, and given the mainstream popularity of Thai (and now Vietnamese lately), it should be quite popular...even among suburban white folks. So why are Filipinos so averse to running restaurants?

[SHORT ANSWER (from Filipino friends) is that Filipinos are the ultimate US wannabes; that they're more likely to open a Jewish deli or a burger stand than a Filipino restaurant. Maybe some truth here, but I'd say the same about Vietnamese, and there's no certainly shortage of THOSE restaurants about.]

I really don't see why we don't have 200 or 300 Filipino restaurants here. I believe the population is greater than Vietnamese and Thai COMBINED.

BTW, I'd appreciate it if anyone knows a few more. I only know of:

Rios - International District
Inay's takeout - in Uwajimaya; branch of Rios
Inay's Manila Grill - U-District; ditto
?name - one more in U-District [something with an "s", I think. "Sari Hut" maybe?]
Kusina Filipina - somewhere on Beacon hill
?name - take out stand in Pike Market

BTW, was the "old" Inay's - also on Beacon Hill - where Kusina is now? If not, is there some OTHER Filipino restaurant in their old location?


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